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Friday, October 08, 2004

Round Two. Friday night debate night!!! I've got my foam "#1" hand, my popcorn, and my beer-hat ready to go. And I can only wonder how Shrub is going to try and explain his way out of the shittay jobs report released today. Congrats, George, you stupid monkey, you're the first president to actually lose jobs since my main man Herbie Hoover back in 1932.

Weren't all those tax cuts supposed to create jobs and growth? Well, considering that they've now resorted to using Saddam's supposed manipulation of the oil-for-food program as justification for their illegal war (I say "supposed" b/c the source is highly dubious), I'm sure they'll have no problem coming up with an explanation for this one. Tax cuts so that ordinary people will have more money to buy duct tape to protect themselves from the terrorists?

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