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Friday, October 08, 2004

Need some wood? What the hell was that all about? And still, don't forget about Poland (even though they announced their intentions to pull out of the coalition). And if you can't win based on your record and your ideas, then just TALK LOUDER AND YELL AT EVERYONE.

On the issue of Shrub's ownership in a timber company---turns out Kerry was right, and Shrub did file his taxes as a small business owner back in 2001. So Kerry knows more about Shrub's taxes than Shrub does?

On the issue of Charlie "Why Won't My Head Stop Bobbling" Gibson, he let Shrub run roughshod over him at one point, and on several occasions redirected questions to Kerry for rebuttal but did not do the same with Shrubby. Better than Gwen Ifill though. At least Chucky didn't impose any stupid rules on the answers.

On the issue of the questioners, there sure were a lot of white folks. Granted, Missouri is 84% white non-Latino, but since this is a debate in a national election, it'd be nice if more than just one question were posed by a person of color.

Again, in my completely objective and non-partisan view, Kerry won this one. Shrub really has no game other than saying that Kerry is a liberal flippity-flopper. And given the chance to fess up to a couple of minor mistakes, Shrub instead proclaims that he has been right about everything--except for a couple of appointments.'s because of his incredible judgement that everything is so completely fucked up right now. So what insights would Shrub bring in to a second term? None.

So we're two down, and one to go. Next stop: Tempe, next Wednesday.

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