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Thursday, October 14, 2004

As expected, the Republicans are expressing outrage that John Kerry, in answering a question about homosexuality, would bring up the fact that Dick Cheney has a gay daughter. Sure, it was a bit awkward, but I think well within the boundaries of what is fair.
1. The question was about whether or not people choose to be gay.
2. Dick Cheney's daughter is out, and she has been campaigning for BC04.
3. Cheney's boss pushed a Constitutional amendment intended to discriminate against the gay community.
4. Kerry was making the point that we all know someone who is gay, and by bringing up Mary Cheney, it personalized the issue, and simultaneously points out the hypocrisy of Bushco.
5. Why is it so horrible to discuss someone's sexuality? The outrage from the right just shows how uncomfortable they are with the issue.
6. Even if this is out of bounds, since when do Republicans have a problem with dirty politics? These are the same people who spread rumors that McCain was mentally unstable and had a black child.

Lynne Cheney said of Kerry, "This is not a good man." Now, can you imagine how Republicans would react if Elizabeth Edwards or Teresa Heinz Kerry said the same of dear leader?

Ultimately, what this shows is that Bushco really has absolutely nothing else left to run on. No record. No plans for the future. No more Bush as likeable guy. Very desperate at this point.

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