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Thursday, September 30, 2004

FreeiPod link. If you're feeling adventurous, here is the referral link to the free iPod website. If you join using that link, then you'll show up as one of my five referrals.

Right now, the best offer is the Infone offer---no monthly fees, no sign-up fee, you only pay if you use it, and your freeipod account will be instantly credited as having completed your one required offer (some other offers won't credit you until after a trial period). As with all the offers, you have to give your credit card, but you can cancel Infone at any time. And when you sign up, Infone will send you a $10 gift certificate for within a couple of weeks. I signed up for this one, and I verified that I did indeed sign up with Infone.

One other sidenote, all the freeipod correspondence is going to my Gmail spam folder, so check there for emails if they aren't in your inbox. Important to do this because you have to verify your email with them.

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