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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

10 Year Reunion Recap. Rather than run through all the details and provide a play-by-play account of the weekend, I'll just outline some of the highlights and observations.
1. With a few exceptions, most people look pretty much the same as they did ten years ago. Overall, I'd say that the women tended to age better than the men. And while I didn't win the baby-face award, I was told that the years hadn't taken much of a toll on me.
2. Not much awkwardness. Most people I talked to had been nervous about showing up. One guy I was friends with said that he drove to the park where the picnic was on Saturday, slowed down, but said to himself, "I just can't do it," and drove back to his parents house. His dad told him to get back in his car and drive back over to the picnic, and so he did. But the nerves were for nothing, at least once people had a couple of drinks in them.
3. I had a few drinks in me. But not so many that I wasn't able to drive myself home at 3a.m.
4. A couple of times, a person would say, "James, I remember when you did this or that or said this or that," and I had to say, "Sorry, that wasn't me, I don't know what you're talking about." On a few other occasions, my response was a sheepish, "Yep, yep, that was me alright. Thanks for remembering that one." For example, there was a time when four of us were at a local pool after hours, being young and irresponsible. A large hose was coiled up in the corner of the lounge area, and apparently I stood up and announced, "Everyone, don't move...don't panic, but there's a huge snake in the corner of the room." Had to be there, I guess.
5. After a couple of hours at the Saturday night event, it was as if only a few weeks had passed rather than ten years. But that's not to say that nobody had matured (questionable in a few cases).
6. Real estate in southwestern and central Virginia is damn affordable.
7. I didn't find out anything scandalous that went on while we were in high school, and I'll have to wait ten or fifteen years to find out if anything scandalous went on after the reunion festivities.
8. It was a real party once two women who were being far too loud, drunk, and obnoxious were escorted out of the hotel and ushered into the cab that the hotel management had called for them. Classy ladies. They won the award for "Most Likely to be Hating Life in the Morning."
9. I wasn't able to get Klint effed up. Another time, my man. You and me and a case of Zima (the embarrassing drink of choice among the kids in 1994).
10. Most people seemed to have enjoyed themselves, but my guess is that just like ten years ago, we'll all again head our separate ways and most of us won't see each other again for another ten or fifteen years. But, I'm glad that I went.

I could go on and on. But that was probably really boring and not nearly as exciting as you had hoped. Such is life.

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