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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Muy muy Olympioso. Watched the opening ceremonies last night at a mini bloggers convention. The ceremony itself was tasteful and not as cheesy as I had expected. However, the craptacular commentating from Bob Costas and Katie Couric provided much fodder for snarky banter among the group. During the procession of the delegations, Bob and Katie had a knack for the negative, pointing out the bad things about the countries, "Here we have the delegation from Micronesia...they haven't won a medal since 1932," "Croatia, of course, a country that has dealt with the darkness of war in recent years," or "Did you know, Katie, that half of the athletes on the team from the Netherlands have an STD?" Someone pointed out that the use of the soundtrack from "Platoon" was also a bit strange. The best though was when the Iraqi delegation entered the stadium, and Botox Katie said, "Iraq, a country with a tortured past...literally." Why? Why?!?!

The high point was the lighting of the Olympic cauldron which could only be described as the biggest joint in history.

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