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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

No, really?
WASHINGTON (AFP) - One year after an undercover CIA agent was outed in the US press, lawmakers in Congress expressed outrage that little apparent progress has been made in tracking down the government officials who revealed her identity....
"This White House has now delayed any accountability for this damaging and illegal leak for a full year ... Who is the White House protecting?" Harkin said. (link)
That is the million dollar question, now isn't it? And it certainly would make for a good question in the presidential debates if still unanswered.

And here is a letter sent from the Kerry campaign to the BC04 campaign regarding the Bushies whining about the Kerry fundraiser where some adults said some naughty words and mean things about Shrub. (Bushco has called for Kerry to release the full video of the fundraiser. A more succinct answer would be "Go fuck yourself.")

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