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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Meow at the devil. Is this the face of evil? Is our little Coco Butterbean one of Lucifer's minions? Crisco John thinks so:
Shortly after becoming Attorney General, John Ashcroft was headed abroad. An advance team showed up at the American embassy in the Hague to check out the digs, saw cats in residence, and got nervous. They were worried there might be a calico cat. No, they were told, no calicos. Visible relief. Their boss, they explained, believes calico cats are signs of the devil. (The advance team also spied a statue of a naked woman in the courtyard and discussed the possibility of its being covered for the visit, though that request was not ultimately made.)
I thought it was a little odd when Coco's head rotated 360 degrees. Maybe that would explain all the projectile vomiting going on in our apartment. Does our also owning a black cat mean that we have two agents of Mephistopheles in our midst? Evildoers! Kitty evildoers!!!
The cat community is on to Asscrack's games, with many calicos believing that the Attorney General is himself a sign of the devil. No wonder he looks so afraid:

(Snopes weighs in on the issue of Aschroft and evil cats)
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