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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry-Edwards 04. Hoo-ray. This is great news and so much better than Kerry-Gephardt or Kerry-Vilsack. A relief that we won't have a VP candidate with "sack" in his name. But here's the real story:
1. Kerry and Edwards don't get along. You know, because that's what someone in the media reported once and all the other toddlers picked up on it. And even Kerry has questioned Edwards' credentials--back when they were running for the same spot (watch for the "diapers" comment to be played non-stop for the next four months...don't know what I'm talking about? you will....)
2. Edwards is Kerry's second choice because he couldn't get McCain. (who really pushed the story that Kerry wanted McCain, and why would it now be politically advantageous?) And if you can't get your first choice, well, that just shows what a flip-flopping loser you are. Everyone knows that the only real way to choose a VP is to appoint one of daddy's friends to head a search committee and then have daddy's friend choose himself.
3. Kerry's choice of Edwards is just another instance of Kerry making the politically convenient statement and doing what the polls tell him to do. Because choosing a running mate has absolutely nothing to do with who you think will be able to help you win.

Seriously. It's going to be this ridiculous. Expect nothing more, and nothing less, from your so-called liberal media.
But, I think we've got an even better chance now with Edwards on the ticket. And the VP debate should be something to look forward to. Edwards, a relatively young (and younger-looking) charismatic guy who knows how to win over a jury, going up against Dick "Go Fuck Yourself" Cheney who should be facing a jury.

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