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Monday, June 14, 2004

Stoopid. Not enough societal pressure on women to conform to unrealistic standards of beauty for your taste? Not satisfied with the current level of effort to objectify women? The contradicting expectation of women to be both sexual beings but also forever innocent not quite blatant enough? Are you an idiot? Well, Mattel is here to help. Now, you too can dress like Barbie:
NEW YORK (CNN/Money ) - Barbie is about to break out of her curvaceous plastic mold and turn into a living breathing person. At least that's what toymaker Mattel hopes will happen when the company launches its Barbie line of clothing and accessories for women later this year.

El Segundo, Calif.-based Mattel (MAT: Research, Estimates), the No. 1 toymaker, showcased its new Barbie brand of vintage T-shirts, cocktail dresses, shoes and coats this week in New York at the International Licensing show.

Mattel spokeswoman Elissa Goldman said the clothing collection, which debuted earlier this year in Japan, could be in U.S. stores as early as this fall.

The only catch is that the clothing will only be available to women who have tiny feet and an enormous head.

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