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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Review of "F9/11": "A really brilliant piece of work....A tribute to patriotism, to the American sense of duty, and at the same time an indictment of stupidity and avarice." What liberal propaganda machine put out this slobbering love note to Michael Moore? Why, none other than Faux News.

Speaking of propaganda machine, on the way to the store to grab some lunch, the radio dial had been left on WJFK, and it was O'Lielly time. Ol' Splotchy was yammering about how Bill Clinton is a coward because he won't enter the "No Spin Zone." Maybe it's just that Clinton has better things to do than thumb-wrestle with the man from the Westbury section of Levittown. O'Lielly was also whining that "60 Minutes" had considered him for the point/counterpoint that Clinton/Dole did a stint of a while back. But once Bubba heard that O'Lielly was being considered, he threatened to back out because he's afraid of a real fight. Yeah, O'Lielly, your time working at "A Current Affair" surely has prepared you to match wits with one of the sharpest political minds in recent history. It would've been funny though to see Bubba put him in his place, and to have O'Lielly reduced to yelling "Shut up! Just Shut Up!" a'la the LA Book Expo.

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