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Friday, June 25, 2004

Power Elite. This is very interesting. Veeerrry interesting. Every year, political and corporate leaders from all over the world gather for the Bilderberg Conference, and they discuss matters with global effects. Why haven't you ever heard about this? (other than Michelle who told me about it) Because you're a crackhead, that's why. It's because they don't want you to hear about it. From the U.S., you've got Senators (Johnboy Edwards), people associated with the Trilateral Commission, associates of Goldman Sachs, Melinda Gates (Bill's wife), the Prez of the NY Federal Reserve, the CEO of the Washington Post, the CEO of Pepsi, the prez of the World Bank, and a slew of neocons including The Dark Prince himself, Richard Perle, and Paul "Journalists are Sissies" Wolfowitz.
The Masons and Illuminati are probably behind it all anyway. So check it out.

And Michelle also pointed out that the conference happened to be at the same time that Shrub was in Italy offering the Pope a delicious Whitmans chocolate.

Or, maybe it's totally innocent, and they just sit around singing campsongs and eating s'mores, and every year, Vernon Jordan fills Klaus Zumwinkel's shoes with shaving cream, much to the delight of (war criminal and Chancellor of W&M), Henry Kissinger.

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