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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

No Politics Tuesday!!! And I'll stick by it this time. Today will have some updates on issues from the last couple of months.

Issue Numbah One! You may recall that we were in a car accident back on Super Bowl Sunday. Old lady ran a red light, was struck by another car, and then she ran head-on into our car. The damage to the car was severe, and it was almost declared totalled. Luckily, the car was repaired, and it has been running fine since. But we still have a couple of claims to make for diminished value and for meds. And other than the phantom-pisser, nobody else has urinated or spilt any other fluids on any of our cars. That we know of.
We're also selling the Bushmobile since we got a newused Echo (the car that looks like a pimple but is incredibly roomy inside). As fun as it was to drive around in the Bushmobile with the "Bush Lies," "Leave No Millionaire Behind," and "Regime Change Starts at Home" bumperstickers, removing all the stickers was no joyride. It took me a good 90 minutes to remove those plus all the other stickers on the car. So my advice is that if you want to have a bumpersticker, tape it to the inside of your rear window. None in the Echo yet, but I think i'll probably tape up the "George W. Bush: Huh?" sticker today. I might just have to get a new "Bush Lies" sticker as well.
Need a good bumpersticker? Try here or here.
(ain't no politics here, just talkin 'bout stickers)

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