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Thursday, June 03, 2004

New campaign slogan: "Bush/Cheney: It Could Have Been Worse.":
"A lot of things didn't happen that we thought might happen, the oil production, for example," Bush told Italian television. "We thought that would be blown up, and it would cost the Iraqi citizens a lot of money. It wasn't." "We thought that people would go hungry, or there would be mass refugees - neither of which happened," the US President said...."Now, I wish the Iraqi people had overwhelmingly said, 'thank you' for coming. I think they will," Bush hoped. "But some didn't. Some said, 'let's fight them'". (link)
Yay for the oil fields! It didn't cost the Iraqis a lot of money! It only cost U.S. taxpayers $115 billion and change. Jeepers, that's swell! And while some Iraqis, according to Shrub, said "let's fight them" (though I doubt those were their exact words...jeebus, the bad guys on "G.I.Joe" were more well-scripted than that), one extremely arrogant prick said, "Bring 'em on."

Shrub's right though. Rather than overseeing the loss of 2.5 million jobs, everyone could have lost their job. And rather than take us into one unnecessary war with ginned up intelligence, they could have taken us into two, maybe three boondoggles. Rather than give away simply most of the tax cuts to the wealthy, they could have given it all to the wealthy. Two CIA operatives working on WMD could've been outed, not just the one. Halliburton could have been given every contract in Iraq. Cheney could have actually let Shrub make the major decisions. Evil projectile-vomiting zombies could have rampaged through the cities.
See? It could've been a helluva lot worse. So don't give in to the terrorists' desires by voting for a peacenik sissy like John Kerry in the fall.

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