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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Millions more wasted, and the media is making a big hullaballoo about it. Yes, that's right, a hullaballoo. The Pentagon has spent over $100 million on unused plane tickets and on false claims made by Pentagon employees for trips they never took. The funny thing (and it's really funny) is that many of the unused tickets could have been refunded. Har har. And even funnier is that at the same time, soldiers returning from Iraq have had to pay for their flights home with their own money.

Yes, this is another sign of government waste. But you know what gets me just slightly more pissed off? The $100 billion spent in Iraq. It's like someone kicking and screaming that they lost a dollar, and meanwhile $1000 is being lifted from under the mattress.

It's as sad as people expressing more anger over charges of "voter disenfranchisement" in the voting for "American Idol" (one woman compared it to the Florida controversy of 2000) than the level of concern and anger over actual voter disenfranchisement and the theft of an election.

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