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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It's getting hot in herrrre. Shrub at joint press conference with Karzai today:
Q: Mr. President, there are signs that inflation may be on the horizon in the U.S. economy. How concerned are you about this? What are you -- I mean, do you think this might slow down the recovery that you've been so happy about? Also, if I can ask you a follow-up on the security about Saddam Hussein. What guarantee --

PRESIDENT BUSH: How many questions? One question apiece. If we're going to stand out here in 100-degree temperature, let's just have one question.

Q: Okay.

PRESIDENT BUSH: You can pass your question on to some other person, and I might call on them. I'm not so sure I'm going to be so international this press conference. (Laughter.) The first question was about am I concerned about economic vitality? I'm pleased with -- what?

Poor wittle pwesident has to stand out in the hot sun. Maybe someone should show Shrub the 10-day forecast for Baghdad and ask him to kindly STFU.

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