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Friday, May 28, 2004

Remember when people actually bought sets of encyclopedias? Back in the stone age? Here is one of the worst commercials ever, the one for Encyclopedia Britannica with the annoying Flock of Seagulls kid. I remember how much I hated this ad, and after seeing it again, I can say that I was right to hate it.

Lots more old commercials where that one came from, including the Energizer commercial with Jacko ("OY!!!"), some toy commercials, a number of PSAs on crack/aids/drunk driving, a load of Nintendo commercials--including the original rapping commercial for "The Legend of Zelda" ('It's the Legend of Zelda and it's really rad, those creatures from Gannon are pretty bad.'), and a commercial for the McDLT (lettuce and tomato on one side, the burger on the other) starring Jason Alexander that makes you wonder if it really would have been a huge loss had their been nuclear war in the 80s.

But that's not all! There are also theme songs to a bunch of old tv shows like "Night Rider," "The A-Team," "Transformers," "The Smurfs," "Thundercats," and "Gummi Bears" ('Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere, high adventure that's beyond compare, they are the Gummi Bears!'). A great way to kill some time in the office.

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