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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Yes, I forgot that it was supposed to be No-Politics Tuesday. I can't help myself, Duncan Hines and nobody else. My friend, Klint, however, did not forget. It probably ruined his day, his whole week. And just when his luck started to turn around. Klint has a knack for remembering things that I said back in the day when I was trying so hard to be an angry young man, things that I'd long forgotten. Now that I'm old and angry with reason, we'll be hanging out, drinking a 25-cent soda and eating a donut, and he'll say something that sounds vaguely familiar. I'll ask what the line was from, and he'll say, "Remember? You said that, right after we went street-bowling with pumpkins that one Halloween," or something along those lines. So it's no surprise that he remembered No-Politics Tuesday, and I didn't. I will work harder in the future to meet your expectations and bring you a more free and prosperous America.

Stupid commercials. But first, does anyone really watch "The Bachelor" anymore? Just curious.
So. Stupid commercials. Metamucil has one out these days, and the premise is that an Old-Faithful-type geyser isn't shooting off on its regular schedule. So, the friendly park ranger dumps a couple of spoonfuls of Metamucil down the geyser with a wink and a nod. Time-elapse swoosh, and then a shot of the geyser spraying its stuff way up in the air. The imagery this created in my mind as to the effects of Metamucil was quite unnecessary. Who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?

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