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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I'm bored. And I'm tired. And a little whiny. But more than that, I'm lazy. So here's an excerpt from Part 2 of My Life at the Ground Round that always puts a smile on my face:
Another interesting thing about dialogue at the GR has to do with the names people call each other. "Honey," "Sweety," "Babe," and "Darling" are commonly used to address others. I have never understood this phenomenon. "Hey, Honey, could you get me a ramekin of bleu cheese? Thanks, Darling." Or, "Could you follow me with this food, Sweety? Thanks, Honey." For the gentlemen, "Brother" is used frequently. "Hey, Brother, could you grab a salad bag for me?" Beats me. I don't get it any more than you do. But, I think I might start joining in with my own nicknames. For example, I might start calling others "Cupcake," "Puddinhead," "Slick," and "Clark."

And you've probably seen this before, but here is the least dignified cat in all history.

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