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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hasta la kielbasa, baby. Poland is considering withdrawing their 2400 troops from Iraq.

Which brings us to the draft. Sen.Chuck Hagel (R-NE) said yesterday that we may need to bring back the draft if things don't get better in Iraq, and given today's explosion, it doesn't look like things will get better any time soon. Even the Coalition Provision Authority says that things are fubar.

Maybe bringing back the draft would lower the level of bloodthirst exhibited by so many in this country. Maybe if the Bush twins were drafted, Shrub would have been a little more hesitant to invade Iraq. Maybe if more than one person in Congress had a son or daughter serving, they'd be a little more careful about granting Shrub the power to declare war. Maybe if the anchors at FAUX News were worried about their children being sent to the frontlines, they'd be a little less gung-ho about dropping bombs everywhere. Maybe the college-aged kids who showed up to counter-protest at the anti-war marches would be a little more thoughtful about what war involves.

So yeah, on certain levels, a draft could be a good thing. And right now the military is disproportionately made up of poor people and people of color. We have the poor and minorities fighting and dying for the interests of white corporate America. The draft would even this out somewhat, but as with Vietnam, there would certainly be ways to avoid service, and those ways would probably be more available to white kids. As a leftwingnut radical though, I generally disagree with the idea of compulsory service, and I always said that if there were a draft, and I was of age, I'd put a bullet through my foot. Chicken? You're damn skippy. But I'm not trying to start anything.

In summation, who the fuck knows what will happen, but none of this is really very surprising at all.

Speaking of not surprising, Operation Spawn didn't go as planned on "24" last night. Potatoface (Chloe) did manage to toss in a reference to Chase's baby, but why? I think she's up to no good. Just like Nina in the first season, Potatoface has her hands all over every operation, so she more than anyone would be equipped to collude with Evil Turtleneck.

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