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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Did you ask for this? I certainly didn't ask for this. Do we really need a "reality" tv show about Britney Spears and her dancers on tour? About as much as we need another season of "Average Joe: Adam Returns." Maybe it'd be interesting if they showed her getting absolutely wasted, stumbling around, making out with the roadies. But even that would get old after ten minutes. Now, a Bobby Brown show, that's a concept I can get behind. He and Whitney are one messed up couple.
In other reality tv news, tonight is the finale of "The Apprentice." I'm holding out hope that in this live finale, the gates of Hell will open up, swallowing The Donald and all the contestants into the belly of the beast, damning them to an eternity of flying coach, living in a trailer, drinking tap water, shopping at Wal-Mart, and eating nothing but Taco Bell. But, more likely, it'll just be Bill winning. Yay, Bill! You won! What do you win? A job! Way to go. You're the man. Kudos.

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