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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Clarifications and Updates:
Item! The Late Show/CNN/White House yawning-boy saga.....the story now is that it was someone from the CNN W.H. bureau who called up and said that the video of the squirmish boy at the Bush rally had been edited, not an actual WH staffer. But this begs the question of why someone at the CNN WH bureau felt it necessary to try and protect the Bushies. Why? Oh yeah, that's right, CNN are whores. (WP WH Briefing)

Item! Snippy Chimpy, "What's my name, fool?".....the story now is that the AP reporter who addressed Dubya as "Sir," had a cell-phone up to his ear at the time that he was asking the question, and this could have prompted Chimpy to snap, "Who are you talking to?" But, let's not let the facts get in the way of our little leftwing propaganda machine. That you could believe that Shrub would snap at someone for not addressing him as "Mr.President" just underscores what a prick the guy is (WP WH Briefing).

Item! Those rabid vampire bats in Brazil don't really have fake british accents. They are using fake german accents.

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