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Thursday, April 22, 2004

$57 million. With that amount, John Kerry broke Shrub's record for one-quarter fund-raising. Altogether, he has raised a total of $85 million. Thanks to donations made through the link to the right, YLH readers accounted for 0.0003% of that total. Let's see if we can raise that up to 0.0004% by the end of the month.
Shrub has raised a record $185 million, but if you figure in money collected by pro-dem groups like MoveOn, then it actually evens out.
(As an aside, I wish elections weren't all about who's got the money, and I think that the networks should be required to give the candidates free airtime, and the elections should be fully funded through public funds. But I also wish that I could eat pumpkin cheesecake all day long, so we do what we can.)

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