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Friday, March 19, 2004

You can find it on eBay. David has informed me that he will be auctioning off Iraq's weapons of mass destruction tomorrow starting at 6pm Pacific time. From the description:
    Oh, George, you silly monkey!

    You took us to war to find them - but where'd they go?

    Don't worry -- now YOU can own the genuine article!

    As (not quite yet) seen on TV! As promised by screeching right-wing talk radio! As advertised by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, and Colin Powell!

    Don't let that smoking gun be a mushroom cloud in your neighbor's yard! Be the first on your block to own the fabled WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

    Don't be fooled by cheap imitations -- don't be fooled by bullshit intelligence -- don't be fooled by ideologically-driven, unelected, war-bloated American officials!

    You'll never get tired of your very own supply of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

    Buy now, while the buyin's good! Those cannisters of sarin gas aren't getting any more potent! That uranium from Niger ain't gettin' any more weaponized! Act now, and you'll enjoy hours of fun with the entire family. Recreate the DRAMA and the THRILL of the rush to war -- RE-ENACT the shameful Congressional capitulation, and VOTE to authorize the head of your household to declare war -- write your own FOX-NEWS-STYLE theme song as you and your family spy on your make-believe United Nations SECURITY COUNCIL -- lie to the press (and see how fun it is to get away with it!) -- Create fear and loathing throughout the world as you pursue your NEOCONSERVATIVE, FUCKED UP, apocalyptic end-times FANTASY!!!!

Bidding starts at 50 cents. (That is if those fascists over at eBay don't yank the auction before it has a chance to go up.....though they didn't catch this sale of evidence of WMD before it went up)

I'm so thankful for my brothers. They make me feel like I'm not the crazy one.

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