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Monday, March 15, 2004

We love to gamble at Your Logo Here. I use the royal "we" because I'm a jackass. But I will never under any circumstances refer to myself in the third person, that is my solemn pledge to you.
It's NCAA tourney time, and so that means that I will spend hours researching the University of the Pacific's backcourt and how it will react to a Providence team that defeated UConn, B.C., and Seton Hall. My gut tells me this isn't the 12-5 seeding upset to go with. The Manhattan Jaspers are a better bet to knock off 5th-seeded Florida which has had an up and down season.
Since I won the pool at the U. of Az a few years back, I'm now obliged to participate every year until I've given back all my prior winnings and then some. I don't care for that brand of socialism.

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