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Friday, March 12, 2004

Warning: May prevent babies. Bushco is apparently considering requiring warning labels on packages of condoms noting that condoms do not protect users from every single string of bacteria or virus on the planet. This is of course all part of their abstinence-only agenda: scare kids into thinking that condoms won't protect them from STDs, and so kids won't have sex. Slight problem with the logic there. And loyal readers would know that kids making virginity pledges have the same STD rates as kids who don't take those same pledges.

When my sister was a student at VCU, she worked in the student health center. There they had boxes upon boxes of condoms to be given out to the students. Least popular among these were the condom-coins, the condoms packaged in foil wrappers. I tried to pass one off at a Wal-Mart once, but that's another story.
One Xmas, she brought home a variety of the coin condoms, some wrapped in green, some in gold, and others in red. She then sprinkled these under the crimmis tree because nothing says "holiday spirit" like a nativity scene with condoms next to little baby Jeebus.
And as if that probably weren't blasphemous enough, we ended up blowing up the condoms and batting them around like balloons. Mom must have been so proud that day.

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