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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Unleash the fooking fury! Over at Tigerbeat, Kristin linked to a list of quotations, and they're either from Swedish guitar-rocker Yngwie Malmsteen or from the movieThis Is Spinal Tap. Example, "There are easier ways of playing this, but that's not the point."
I sent the link to my friend Joel who knows a thing or two about playing the guitar, and I know that he's got a few Yngwie Malmsteen albums. Also, Joel is someone who appreciates the musical stylings of Michael "Angelo" Batio, the "world's fastest guitar player," inventor of the double-guitar, and fomer member of Nitro, the world's fastest band. So I knew that he'd enjoy figuring out which quotes belong to fictional eccentric guitar players and which belong to actual eccentric guitar players. He wrote back and said this:
    yeah, i knew that one would be ST. yngwie plays things his way, and that's how it is. my fave is "When I was asked to play slower, I said "This is slower." that one is great because i have some instructional videos by him, and he sometimes plays an example 'slowly' and it's still absurdly fast. he's hilarious. my favorite yngwie tale is a recent one. he and his band were on a plane in first class. yngwie was asleep. his band mates were making inappropriate comments (not directly to anyone) about homosexuals. well this woman gets up and pours a pitcher of water on yngwie and band members in close proximity. yngwie wakes up and shouts, "OH YOU'VE UNLEASHED THE FOOKING FURY!!". hahahaha. there's a soundclip of it online somewhere. i'll have to find it for you. the joke there is (aside from his swedish accent) that a lot of his lyrics are similar to Dio, about fury, dragons, wizards, etc., and apparently he speaks in person the same way he writes lyrics.

But don't take our word for it, listen to the clip and hear for yourself.

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