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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Someone should really tell Dennis Kucinich that John Kerry wrapped up the Democratic nomination yesterday. Or maybe D.K. is getting a lot of tail on the campaign trail, in which case he should keep spreading his elvin magic.
I voted yesterday on one of the new electronic touchscreen computers. These machines really are sketchy since they leave absolutely no papertrail, and if you've read anything about this issue, then you know that they've got serious security problems. You get a receipt at the ATM or at Burger King, but you don't get a print-out with your vote. At least in 2000 there were hanging chads. If the election is disputed this time around, we won't even have those. Yay democracy!

No worries though, Nathalie gave me a couple of boxes of Girl Scout cookies to bring to work. I've already made my way through 2/3 a box of Tagalongs, and I haven't touched the Thin Mints or the Trefoils yet. All these will be gone by the end of Friday, if not tomorrow. If my high metabolism ever slows down, I'm totally screwed.

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