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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Sen.McCain Open to Being Kerry's V.P. That's the headline of a story running on Yahoo news this afternoon. Of course, while this would be interesting and certainly a blow to Shrub's chances of reelection, this will absolutely never happen. But it is also hardly a resounding sign of support for Bush from a prominent member of his own party who carries a lot of weight with independents. You could even say that this amounts to McCain endorsing Kerry for prez. Makes you wonder if the Bushies might regret running an incredibly dirty campagin against McCain in 2000, spreading rumors that he had fathered an African-American child and that he was some type of Manchurian candidate who was brainwashed while being held in a P.O.W. camp for years.
Smearing a veteran's reputation worked for Shrub four years ago, and it certainly seems that they'll be trying again with Kerry. But as the Bushies like to say, 9/11 changed everything.

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