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Monday, March 15, 2004

A recent visitor commented,
    Are you not disturbed that the bombing promoted the ousting of the in-party? The printing of "Terror Works" t-shirts shouldn't be far behind.

The other possibility that I didn't mention is that many voters in Spain believed that the government had tried to cover-up al Qaeda's involvement in the bombings in favor of blaming ETA, and this was the decisive blow to the ruling party. Unlike here in the U.S., people elsewhere actually get a little ticked off when they suspect they are being lied to by their leaders.
I don't think this is a statement by the people of Spain that they are against this endless "war on terror." I think it's more a statement that there is a right way to go about it, and a wrong way. The right way is to go after the terrorists and deal with the root causes of terrorism. The wrong way is to invade and occupy a country that posed no real regional threat and that lacked ties to al Qaeda.
And really, wouldn't the policies of Aznar's party serve as a better recruiting tool than the Socialist party? The Bushco policies have probably done more to help al Qaeda recruitment than any policy of Al Gore ever would have.
I'm disturbed that this attack didn't appear on anyone's radar beforehand. I'm disturbed that we lost focus on going after al Qaeda and diverted resources in order to wage an unnecessary war in Iraq. I'm disturbed that we're spending billions on a missile-defense system that probably doesn't work rather than putting that money toward first-responders and securing ports and our own rail system. I'm disturbed that our own government has virtually made fear-mongering official policy. And most of all, I'm disturbed by all of the New York Yankees' off-season acquisitions.
But I don't presume to be all-knowing in this mixed-up crazy world. I just pretend.
Thanks for the comment, and thanks for not calling me a puppy-kicker. I really do like puppies.

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