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Friday, March 19, 2004

R.I.P. J.J. Jackson. One of MTV's first VJs, J.J. Jackson died Wednesday night of an appartent heart attack. It is uncertain whether or not he was wearing one of his trademark leather jackets at the time. He was 62.
[Insert diatribe here about MTV not playing videos anymore, or when they do play videos, it's not the whole thing, and there's no longer the type of groundbreaking programming like "120 Minutes," "Liquid Television," or "Remote Control," and the hiring of Simon Rex in 1996 is still mindboggling to this day. End diatribe.]

Coming Soon: The YLH Patron Saint of Rock.

After Day 1 of the NCAA tourney, I am 12/16 in my picks, and two of my underdogs, Nevada and Manhattan (Go Jaspers!) won, hopefully putting me in contention in the AZ pool which rewards upset picks. Today, we're pulling for Western Michigan (Go Broncos!) to pull off an upset over Vanderbilt, and Louisville to beat 7th seeded Xavier.

One year later, the Post takes a look at just how wrong Bushco was about the Iraq War.

And in case you missed it, MoveOn has created a nifty little video of Rummy caught on tape.

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