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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

No-Politics Tuesday!!! To follow up on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and why it was a good night there, a few people were inducted last night. Among them were Prince, Jackson Browne, George Harrison as a solo artist, and ZZ Top. Because I grew up in SW Va, I have no affinity for ZZ Top. The only "rock" radio station in town kept ZZ Top in heavy rotation during the hair-metal phase, through the early grunge years, and into the rap-rock era. They still play early Bon Jovi and not as a goof. ZZ Top is played right after Kansas and right before Hootie. Ah, Hootie, where have you gone, and why did you have to tease us with your blowfish only to take them away?
ZZ Top were old then, and they're really old now. They've got a tour promotion deal with Depends undergarments. Ooh yeah, they've still got crazy long beards! But not the drummer! His perm and moustache made him crazy! And they all wear sunglasses! And they had that ZZ Top roadster! And did I mention the beards?

In other news, we'll finally get our car back from the garage today, seven weeks after the wreck. Big yay.

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