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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Mr.Tibbs decided last night that it was time to let Coco know who is king of the jungle. First, he eats all of the food in her bowl even though he has the exact same food in his own bowl. And then Nathalie watched as he demonstrated the passive aggression cats are known for. He left a present in Coco's litterbox and just left it there without burying it like he usually does in his own box. This must be the cat equivalent of leaving the lid up because Coco went over and tried to cover it up herself. Then while we're eating dinner, he held her down and mounted her. They wrestled some more thoughout the night, mostly playfully, and she even chased him around a little bit.
But he has put her on notice that he's top cat, King Tibby. So we'll be keeping them separated at night and during the day for a while longer.

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