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Friday, March 26, 2004

Luxury Living at its finest. So Sunday night, we had the whizzing bandit. And then Wednesday, I get in the elevator after getting home from work, and when the door closes, I see that it has streaks of blood on it. Not "Carrie" or "The Shining" amounts of blood, but a little more than just a drop. Get up to our floor, and then there's some more smeared on the wallpaper in the hallway. Lovely.
Then this morning, I'm waiting for the elevator, and I notice that someone has thrown up on the molding along the wall. It was either spew or somebody spilled some Campbells chunky clam chowder. I didn't do a taste test, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't soup.
I'm a little concerned about what type of bodily fluids we'll run across next. As one friend said, "here's to not finding a pile of crap later."

And now, more cute cats!!!

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