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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Kerry campaign website has launched a new feature, DBunker. Here they take a piece of Bushco fiction or spin and lay out the facts. For example, they explain how the latest line from Bushco that Kerry "didn't support the troops" when he voted against the $87 Billion blank check for the Iraq war is a total misstatement of reality. In fact, it was Bush who tried to cut combat pay and payments to families upon soldier's deaths, and it was Bushco who has cut healthcare for vets and left it up to families to send body armor to their relatives serving in Iraq. And when one military unit got scrap metal from local businesses so as to put makeshift armor on their vehicles before deploying, Bushco sent letters out to other units suggesting that they do the same.
Problem is, with a lazy and docile media, the Bush lies get out there no matter how outrageous, and they are far too often left unchallenged. Just think of the "Al Gore invented the internet" story.

In the world of "wouldn't that be fun," John Kerry recently challenged Shrub to monthly debates. Shrub's time, of course, is far too precious. Lots of rodeos to go to, plenty of naps to take. Plus, Rove and company know that Kerry would mop the floor with Shrub. Kerry will be lucky if he gets three chances to debate Shrub before the election, and don't be surprised if Shrub pulls an Ahhnold and demands to have the questions ahead of time. But since FAUX News will probably get one of the debates, that probably wouldn't be a problem anyway. (Brit Hume: "Oh great President Bush, you're just so fantastic, how do you do it? Do you think that John Kerry looks French?")

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