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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Item! People everywhere agree, George Bush is an asshole.

Item! When I said yesterday that I wouldn't be watching the "Average Joe 2" finale, we all knew that was a lie. How could I possibly have set up the storyline yesterday only not to follow it up? I couldn't. You, my loyal reader, would have been let down. Kristin has a good recap on her blog. Larissa's big secret wasn't revealed until 52 minutes into the program, not until she was walking on the beach with the lunkhead mimbo that she chose (and who didn't see that one coming?). Turns out that the secret is that she used to date none other than Fabio. Now, maybe it's because I had my little heart set on the hopes that her secret was that she's a dude. I would have even settled for her revealing that she had the clap. But I really didn't think having dated Fabio was that big a deal. Lunkhead flipped out though and had himself a little temper tantrum on the beach and ended up dumping Larissa the next day. Sweet justice. But really. Fabio?

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