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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

If you're a junkie like me, then you'll be thrilled to hear that Bushco has agreed to let Condi testify in public under oath. They "agreed" the same way that my younger brother used to "agree" to let me watch what I wanted on television after I had him immobilized him with a full-nelson (I stopped this type of practice when it finally started to hurt when he hit back...about two years ago). I can't wait for the moment when someone asks Condi about her patently false statement in 2002 that "nobody could have imagined" that terrorists would hijack planes and use them as missiles. Maybe this will be the moment when it becomes abundantly clear that not only is she a liar but that she is an incompetent one at that.
Also at the end of this story, note how the Bushies are going to use the CIA to vet Clarke's prior testimony in order to search for possibly contradictory statements which they'll then partially declassify. Isn't that sort of practice illegal? And wouldn't that meet the criteria for the Republican crying-uncle mantra, "partisan politics"?

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