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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Girl Scout Cookie Update: There are only two remaining Tagalongs, the Trefoils have been raided, and I've cracked open the Thin Mints.....correction, there is only one remaining Tagalong.....and now, they're gone.

In related Girl Scout news, some Texans are boycotting Girl Scout cookies, once again demonstrating that we really should treat Texas like a rogue nation. Some parents are angered that the organization gave an award to a Planned Parenthood executive, calling this a "cozy relationship," and because the organization has endorsed a Planned Parenthood sex-ed program that hands out literature on masturbation, homosexuality, and condoms. As a consequence, one troop has been dissolved, and another only has two remaining members.
Yes. The Girl Scouts. Long known as a front for the Stalinist Workers of the World party and a conduit for running guns and drugs for the Columbian cartels, concerned Texans have thrown down the gauntlet and proclaimed, "No! We will not let our children learn about safe sexual practices, nor will we let them openly discuss sexuality. If we did that, then we might lose our 5th place ranking for highest teen pregnancy rates! Besides, those goofy berets make them look French!"

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