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Friday, March 12, 2004

The Clinton Test. This is what you call it when you take a situation and say, "What would happen if this happened to the Clintons?" For example, what would the Republicans do if the Clinton administration outed a CIA operative? We saw what they did over a b.j., so you can just imagine.
So let's apply the Clinton Test to this one: A woman in Maryland was arrested Thursday on charges that she had been acting as an Iraqi spy. It turns out that she is a cousin of White House Chief of Staff Andy Card. More interestingly, she used to work for FAUX News.
How to play: Answer the question of how the Republicans would spin this one if a cousin of Clinton's chief of staff was arrested for being a spy.
(Note: the woman also worked for some Democrats, and I don't think any of this really matters; the point is the Clinton Test)

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