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Friday, March 12, 2004

Classy. Donald Rumsfeld apparently kept a "souvenir" from 9/11. He's got a piece of the airplane that flew into the Pentagon. It's not a freakin foulball that you caught at a baseball game, Don. This kind of typical behavior really makes you wonder how these crooks sleep at night. How do they sleep? My bet is that after drinking cow's blood (okay, fine, it's only warm milk with red food coloring), Rummy does his chants to the dogs of war before nestling into his four-post bed with its headboard constructed of human remains and monkey skulls atop each post.

So let's get this right--the Secretary of Defense (the person in charge of, you know, defending the country) who oversaw the greatest intelligence failure in U.S. history has a momento from that day. Sure, why not. I wonder if he has a souvenir from when he met with Saddam back in 1984 to let him know that we were cool with him using chemical weapons against the Iranians, back in the day when Saddam was our boy. Maybe Rummy brought back a t-shirt that says, "I traveled to Iraq to meet with a brutal dictator, and all I got was this shirt." A snowglobe depicting chemical agents falling down on a village? An oversized pencil? Astronaut ice cream?

No wonder Rummy reminds me of Skeletor, He-Man's nemesis in the most homoerotic cartoon of the 80s.

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