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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Boo-frickin-hoo. Poppy Bush is upset that the mean bullies are picking on his little baby Dubya. Poppy said that it is "deeply offensive and contemptible" that "elites and intellectuals on the campaign trail" have been critical of post-war Iraq and the lack of progress in stabilizing the country. He added, "There is something ignorant in the way they dismiss the overthrow of a brutal dictator and the sowing of the seeds of basic human freedom in that troubled part of the world." This coming from the man who passed on the opportunity to depose of Saddam after the first Iraq War and after more than a decade of aiding and abetting Saddam's atrocities. The man who headed the CIA during the 1970s when there just happened to be more than a few governments violently overthrown in Latin and South America. The man who was up to his neck in Iran-Contra. George Herbert Walker Bush, former Prez and Vice Prez, multimillionaire Yale-educated son of a U.S. Senator. Definitely the person to be talking about "elites." I can understand his problem with intellectuals given his sons (especially Neil with those hookers). Oh, and where did this pity parade take place? At the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association annual convention, a group which probably has many who will benefit from the privatization of Iraq's oil fields.
But I'm just an obsessed crackpot, so I'm sure that this is all overreacting on my part.

After touting the many benefits of outsourcing while Shrub was in Wisconsin (80,000 manufacturing jobs lost on Shrub's watch) talking about the magic of free trade, Treasury Secretary John Snow shows just how much credibility the administration has left.

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