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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

This past Fall, FOX was hyping its latest incarnation of 90210, "The O.C." as the greatest show that you'd never seen before. I was not impressed in the least. If you want a great show with people who are supposed to be teenagers, then you can't do any better than "Hey Dude," that classic Nickelodeon show. Where was I? Oh yeah, "The O.C." As with most cheesy television, I ended up watching a few episodes. The characters were kinda quirky, it was sorta funny, and really, what else am I going to do?
But I don't watch anymore for a couple of reasons. First, in its first season they've had two episodes with gunplay. And neither time ended up with someone dead. If you're going to have two gun episodes in one season, somebody had best be getting killed. And then the writers bring in this psycho character, Oliver, who is subsequently involved with the second gun episode. This is doubly bad for the show because bringing in a character named Oliver is when most people agree "The Brady Bunch" jumped the shark. So you've just got some bad karma chameleons there. They come and go, they come and go. And finally, the commercials for this week's Valentine's episode have Seth (oh, like you don't know who I'm talking about) breathlessly telling Summer, "Because for me, it's you, Summer, it's always been you!" Oh wow! You mean, like, for all 18 episodes?!? That's so, so deep.

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