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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Some of the best comedy relating to Shrub these days has been coming from the Late Show with Letterman. One of their more recent features has been the "Late Show Unfair Edit" where they splice together different clips of video. Last night it was Bush saying, "Vice President Dick Cheney / He's a deceiver. He's a liar. He's a torturer. He's a murderer. I would be very skeptical about anything he says." And then during the "Who Said It" quiz, there were these gems:
-"President Bush has been a strong and able leader on both foreign and domestic issues." Who said it? Paul is not sure. Who said it? - Actually, nobody said that.
-"It appears fair and democratic elections won't happen here for some time." Who said it? Paul thinks an official in Iraq. Nope. It was Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

My dad passed along an Op-Ed in the NYTimes, "My War," by Larry David describing his experiences in the Guard. My dad flew helicopters in Vietnam and had this to say about AWOL, "Shrub was guarding against air attack from Guatemala, perhaps Uruguay?" But don't underestimate Guatemala. Make no mistake--ever since they were freed from Spanish colonial rule in 1821, they've been a force to be reckoned with. With annual military expenditures of $120 million and as a major transit country for cocaine and heroin, those uppity Guatemalans are surely deserving of a preemptive attack (figures courtesy CIA World Factbook. The CIA--working to overthrow governments since 1947). This expenditure compares with the 2004 US Defense budget request of $400 billion which doesn't include a dime for the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. Cheers!

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