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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Remember the forecast last week by the Bushies that we'd have over 3 million new jobs this year? Nevermind, says the administration:

WASHINGTON - The White House backed away Wednesday from its own prediction that the economy will add 2.6 million new jobs before the end of this year, saying the forecast was the work of number-crunchers and that President Bush was not a statistician.

Someone else called this the "unfrozen caveman lawyer" defense. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am just a caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your world frightens and confuses me! Sometimes when I go up in the sky in one of your mechanical birds, I think, 'Oh god, I've been swallowed by this bird, let me out!' I don't know, my primitive mind can't grasp these concepts. But I do know this. We must work to create a more robust and growing economy with more jobs. Now, will these jobs involve tracking and slaying mastadons, and will they provide a comprehensive health insurance plan? I'm not sure, I'm just a caveman. But I call on Congress to make my tax cuts permanent. Thankyou."

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