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Monday, February 16, 2004

Props to K-dawg for pointing out this article about College Republicans offering a whites-only award.
People just don't realize how hard it is being a white guy these days with THE MAN trying to keep my neck pinned down under his big ol' boot of oppression. When I'm out at night, cops don't even look at me, man. What's a cracker gotta do for a little bit of attention? And anytime that I'm in a clothing store, bunches of employees are all up in my face trying to sell me stuff and whatnot. I just want to try on my Old Navy cargopants without some headset-wearing sales associate being like, "Can I help you with something, sir?" When I apply for a job, I often receive a callback, and in the past I've actually been hired. Do you really think I want to work? Hells no. And when old ladies see me heading their way, none of them ever clutch their purses or walk to the other side of the street. Am I not hardcore? Do I not scare you, little old lady? Please. Haven't you heard Limp Bizkit? Have you not listened to Eminem? Or Staind? White dudes have a lot to piss and moan about, y'all. Not exactly sure what about, but it's high time that society started treating white guys a little more favorably. For real, yo.

On Edit: And I forgot to mention the unfair stereotypying of white guys in movies and television. Always showing us as holding good jobs, running businesses, obeying the law, driving fancy cars, being in powerful and respected positions, or just as hardworking types simply trying to do the best for their families. Don't you know the kind of pressure that places on us as a people?

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