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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

PORT SULPHUR, La. (AP) -- A woman who had raised her pet leopard from a cub was mauled by the animal, but survived after a deputy shot the 100-pound cat as its jaws were clamped on its owner's head, authorities said. Full Article

I admit, I'm not an expert on animals. I've never taken a course in zoology. I fulfilled my science credits in college by looking at rocks and sleeping through an 8:00 geography class. But I do know this: if you raise a pet leopard, then it's really only a matter of time until its jaws will be clamped on your head. Our cat, Mr.Tibbs, clamps his jaws around my hand or arm whenever he's in the mood, and then he'll taunt me, saying things like, "yeah, you got that right, you bastard!"
Speaking of Mr.Tibbs, I'm worried that he might be bulemic. He yakked up his food after eating this morning, but at least he moved away from the food bowl before doing so. Last time, he yakked while sitting there eating. Most cats instinctively quit eating when they're full, so maybe he's just lacking in that capacity. Or, he drinks way too much water after eating, causing the food to swell and upset his stomach. He does have a bit of an obsession with water--he stares at the water reservoir in the humidifier, gets in the shower in the morning, sticks his head in any glass containing water, and he'll just sit and watch his the water streaming in his kitty water fountain. "Water," he says, "is the essence of life!"

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