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Thursday, February 26, 2004

O.C. update: Nathalie was out of town the last couple of nights, and so I'd been taping some shows for her. Last night, one of the shows was The O.C. Blahbbity blah blah, stuff happens for the entirety of the show, I didn't really pay attention because I was busy making the Mr.Tibbs picture page. But I did watch the previews for next week's episode.
First, Seth is already flip-flopping on his decision from two episodes ago to choose one girl over another. Next week's show has him telling girl #1, the one who he's always pined for, that he can't let girl #2 leave for Pittsburgh, and we see Seth running through the airport to catch girl #2 before she catches her plane. I can sort of understand this because nobody should let anybody move to Pittsburgh. The other main teaser for next week's episode is the lead character what's-his-face, Ryan, getting punched-out by some other dude (the dude who played claire's druggie boyfriend on "Six Feet Under" and also had a small part in Season 1 of "24"). Other dude is engaged to Ryan's ex-girlfriend who's from that scary place Chino, and last night's episode ended with Ryan mackin' on the ex-girlfriend.

My point here, and there's always a point, is that again, this is the first season of the show, and the plotlines are already redundant and repetitive. Ryan was punched out once before by the boyfriend of a girl he was mackin' on, and Seth has already done the flip-flop with the overly cheesy and dramatic scene--and you can't get much more cheezy dramatic than the airport-running-to-catch-someone-you-love scene. But maybe that's just how crazy life is when you live in The O.C.

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