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Thursday, February 12, 2004

The jury is still out on whether the car will be totaled, but the verdict is in regarding KFC's tasty food products.
Which reminds me of a classic Far Side cartoon.

All throughout grad school, I never had a car. Tucson is one of the more bike-friendly cities around, and my little world existed within a 4 mile radius. But people would always say, "How can you live without having a car? When are you gonna get a car? Don't you want a car?" But life was so much more simple without the troubles of owning an automobile. No car payments; no car insurance; no $1.69/gallon gas; no maintenance costs; no being the designated driver. And if some old lady wanted to drive through a red light and slam into me on my bike, then I'd sue her for all she's worth and pay off all my debt.

It's Thursday, and that means that it's time for "The Apprentice." This week's prediction: I predict that after several weeks of watching, the producers still haven't made me care about these wanna-be yuppie scum, and it's becoming clear that none of them will be mauled by a leopard (see post below), so I won't watch.

And if I were Supreme Chancellor of the Northern Landmass, then Thursday would also mean that it's time for the weekend. Because in my world, the workweek would be limited to four days. Time spent at work would be more productive with less waste (i.e. what're you doing reading this, shouldn't you be busy?). Employers could then hire more people to pick up those other hours. Place limits on CEO benefits packages and redirect that money to compensate for higher payroll costs. Then cut back defense spending to subsidize businesses that hire more people. And tax the hell out of the rich. And if the rich try to move to the Cayman Islands or some other tax haven, then we invade those places in self-defense. Jobs and growth, babyyyy!!!

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