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Friday, February 13, 2004

I'll bet that when some of you, my faithful and loyal brethren, read my four-day-workweek proposal, you thought it was just another crackpot idea of mine. Like how the Reagan administration covertly funded "Top Gun" as a way to drum up support for a bloated defense budget in the face of the coming end of the Cold War. Ooh! Look at all the neat planes! Shadowy threats in the Middle East! Anthony Edwards (Goose) playing volleyball shirtless! Yeah, you know what I'm talkin about. By the way, in the beach volleyball scene, all Tom Cruise's shots were done separately. They had to lower the net so that you wouldn't notice that he's only 4'6" tall.
Anyway, my point here is that if we'd just do things my way, then it'd already be the weekend. Who's crazy now?

I'll tell you who's crazy. The 44% of the people in the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll who approve of the way that Shrub is handling the economy. Yet only 14% of those polled say that they're better off financially today than they were three years ago. Wha???

And for the record, I didn't watch "The Apprentice." But in the offchance that one of the contestants was mauled by a leopard, someone please let me know.

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