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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

As I was heading out the door to go to work today, Nathalie pointed out that I had one of my pantlegs tucked into my sock. So this is what it has come to. I'm walking around with my pants tucked into my socks. I thought I wasn't supposed to start doing that sort of thing for at least another forty years.

Some follow-up on the "whites only" scholarship. Jason Mattera, the kid behind it says, "If you are a white student on campus, you don't have anyone helping you." a private university in Rhode Island that costs 29K/yr for tuition/room/board, there really isn't anyone helping the white kids. It must be tough. Especially for Mattera since he received a $5,000 Sallie Mae Fund scholarship for Hispanic students.

Self-awareness just isn't a universally shared trait. For example, the Bush campaign released an internet ad criticizing John Kerry for taking money from special interests. That's akin to Charles Manson calling Latoya Jackson a little bit crazy. The Kerry campaign quickly released their own video demonstrating the hypocrisy of the Bush video. (And as an aside, the link for the bush campaign ad is "" there is a glimmer of hidden truth there).

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